Welcome to PlaylistHQ, your Spotify and YouTube playlist generator. The following instructions will guide you through the different sections of the home page.

Search Criteria

This section allows you to fine tune which concerts will appear in the concert list. The first option is to search by location. Click "Choose Location" to search for any metro area in the world. The second option is to search by venue. Click "Choose Venue" to search for concert venues. The third option is to load your personalized list of concerts from your Songkick username (which can be found in the Account Settings tab on Songkick). You can load all the concerts for which you are going, you are tracking, both (going and tracking), or all the concerts that your tracked artists are playing in the metro areas you are tracking. You can also load your concerts by including your username in the URL: The fourth option is to search by artist name. Simply type in the artist name and click "Load Concerts". If the artist is not touring, you can still generate a playlist by selecting the dummy concert.

Concert List

This is your personalized list of concerts. By default, your location is determined by your IP address. The nearest metro area is found and all the concerts are displayed. If you wish to change your location, click Change Search Criteria and then Choose Location. Select the concerts for which you want to generate a playlist. If you wish to select all the concerts, click the checkbox in the header. Then, generate a playlist for your selected concerts. Note that you can only generate playlists for one page of concerts at a time.

Generate Playlist for Spotify

This is the section where the playlist is generated. For Spotify, you have two drop down menus to specify which songs to include. The first drop down specifies whether to use the Latest Album, 2nd Latest Album, etc. You can also choose Latest Set which will you use the latest set from Setlist.FM. The second drop down specifies which tracks from that album should be included (All Tracks, Top Track, etc.). Once your selections have been made, click Generate Spotify Playlist. Creating the playlist takes about 5 seconds per band. When the playlist is finished, the text will appear below the Generate Spotify Playlist Button and it will be automatically selected. Right click on the text and choose Copy. Open Spotify. In the left sidebar, click "+ New Playlist". Type in a name for the playlist (ie. HQ). Then, select the playlist. Notice the message to the right which begins "This playlist is currently empty." Now, click Edit on the main menu at the top of Spotify and choose Paste. (Note: You may need to place one song in the playlist manually. Select this song, and then paste the playlist.) Congratulations! Your playlist has now been loaded into Spotify!

Generate Playlist for YouTube

This feature is no longer available. If you would like to create a YouTube playlist, contact admin (at)

Questions? Comments? Email admin (at)

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